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Muso (Holland, 1969)
The music of bass clarinettist and composer Muso is inspired by nature and meditation. He has performed his music in Holland, France, Switzerland and Japan. With the aid of his music he also gives awareness seminars.

Ray Jin (Japan, 1980)
Ray Jin is the grandson of Jin Nyodo, one of the most prominent shakuhachi players in Japanese history. As a performer in the tradition of his grandfather, Ray is a specialist in the Hon Kyoku-style. In this historical shakuhachi style, playing the shakuhachi is originally a form of meditation practised by the Buddhist monks of the Fukesect. Ray also specializes in cross-overs.

Teiji Honma (Japan, 1948)
Composer Teiji Honma has composed several works, both for
western and Japanese traditional instruments. As a composer he has won several prizes.

Disc info:

Ocean Child

1. Oceanchild
2. Prelude to compassion
3. Bird song
4. Beyond space
5. Die Wahlverwandtschaften
6. Amatsukaze (Wind from heaven)

Total time: 59:34

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